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In the simulation era, the requirements of the source wire for the hearing is very high, the use of different grades or brands of wire, out of the picture or sound effects will be very different. This is because the analog era stress is to the greatest extent to ensure the correctness of signal transmission without outside interference, so the correctness of the pros and cons of the wire to the signal transmission plays a crucial role, frankly, is a price a goods, in the analog era is the gold standard. Into the digital age, the standard was almost instantly broken. So no doubt HDMI wire has become the focus of many users to discuss. From the principle point of view, HDMI wire as a general medium, transmission is 0 or 1 of the digital signal, regardless of the merits of the wire as long as the transmission of data, the result is the same. At first, enter the digital age wire has really no distinction or split?


  The eye diagram is an important index to measure the USB cable and other cable stable and the quality of transmission, eye "eye opening size reflects the strength of the inter - symbol interference (ISI)," eyes ", the eye diagram and the more correct, intersymbol interference (ISI) is smaller; on the contrary, the intersymbol crosstalk is larger.

Threshold value (Threshold)
Door limit is a more professional term, usually in the satellite TV receivers, digital set-top boxes, network routers and other equipment manual. He is the minimum signal strength and stability of the machine to ensure the normal and stable operation of the machine. When the signal strength is above a threshold value, image signal will be able to receive a normal and the effect is excellent; and signal strength below the threshold value, the image will suddenly disappear or appear the mosaic, the image quality does not exist a by the gradual process of time difference of arrival (TDOA), commonly known as the "avalanche effect".
Bit error rate (BER)
BER: (bit error rate) is a measure of data transmission accuracy of the data in a fixed time. Bit error rate = bit error rate in transmission. Here to clarify a concept, digital transmission, although only 0 and two 1 kinds of signals, but there is still a bit error exists, usually a two-way transmission of audio error rate should be less than 1/1000000000.
Wire style theory:
1 different types of users: the brand HDMI line in the picture Seagate will have little difference. Monster, KIMBER, AQ, GOLDENSOUND four brands of the picture there are four styles. HDMI 1.3 to transmit audio signals, it's the same with play digital coaxial, different lines in the voice will different, especially for their familiar picture, than the resolution sound more visual and easy to many. If you look at the Vienna golden hall scene, different lines for the hall that beautiful decoration. feeling performance is different.
Net friend 2: from the common knowledge of the basic theory is so, but a more micro level it? "The wire useless theory" of the controversy is not there today, until now or the endless debate. But actually there, not so much that change is psychological mischief? And as players and could not have many kinds of wire to test, the so-called style differences, or can be understood as caused as a result of the material do not lead to contrast and color shading and shading different picture view different.
Wire style theory of anti each other:
User 1: HD player and Yamaha RX-V1800 amplifier for my own use 1.5 meters HDMI cable connection, 1080p video and lpcm audio tracks, a root line switching to lpcm tracks will be a problem, first sound noise, and then crash, for the another line is no problem. I'm not saying, when the first line broadcast 720p video and ordinary tracks are no problem, and not broadcast 1080 HD audio.
Digital signal users 2:HDMI transmission of the if no fault code, 0 is 0, 1 is 1, there is no so-called style, this is clear, there will only be such as not 1080p picture drawing, mosaic and the like caused by the wrong code. The abnormal phenomenon, the style of the said transmission nonsense.
As with the network, whether it is 100Mbps or 10Mbps transmission speed, as long as the transmission of the file is not wrong, the result is certainly the same, the same use of 100Mbps bandwidth transmission of documents and 10Mbps transmission of the file, the content will not appear on the same question, right?
Therefore, the so-called HDMI wire style problem is ridiculous, only to pass or fail to pass the transmission, in the case of no error code transmission and receiving party to get the same content is the same, the so-called style problem is said to be transmitted in the wrong code, is not the case of the line. If it is a qualified line, that no matter how much the price of a brand, the results are the same as the same.
3 users: personally, I only agreed to bit error rate is high or low, threshold bandwidth, saying, as the effect of screen style, ha ha, it is estimated that HDMI interface design people would agree, most of the manufacturers of the psychological.
Little knowledge:
HDMI line in the end there is no version of the difference?
HDMI version of the difference is only in the input of the device input port, the wire itself is actually no difference, it is a basic attempt, but many people do not understand, the difference value is the production process, material, length, etc., and no version of the difference.
How long is the theory of the HDMI line?
In production, the single line is the longest about can be up to 20 meters (except for the built-in signal amplifier type), and in the practical application, the longest distance is not recommended more than 10 to 15 meters.
Q1: what factors affect the transmission quality of HDMI wire, HDMI wire transmission of digital signals, why can HDMI wire the better (Yue Gui), the picture and sound effect is better?
A: has a lot of factors affecting the quality of wire transmission, the following three points: 1 core material, such as copper or zinc plated copper, or gold, silver and other materials, wire can reach the transmission bandwidth is different. If the bandwidth is not enough, although the transmission of digital signals, but will still bring noise, distortion and incompatible problems. 2. Shielding layer, anti-interference ability, aluminum foil wire is thick, too weak anti-interference ability for signal transmission also have an impact. At the end of 3, HDMI interface wire pressing mode, welding, riveting technology will also affect the accuracy of data transmission.
The three factor, the impact of the biggest is the core of the material, probably accounted for 50%. Some lines are sold, that is,


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